Perfocal HQ's stunning headshots

Perfocal HQ's stunning headshots

Here at Perfocal, we know the value of great photography.

To honour that, it was imperative that we got ourselves some amazing team headshots. After all, we're a photography company.

Individual headshots and team photos are vital for any company. Linkedin pages, company websites and portfolios would be amiss without professional photos to show off your team. Attracting business and potential hires can rest on your company's online image.

With this in mind, Perfocal recently organised ourselves a half-day shoot with an outstanding photographer, Mark, here at our headquarters in Angel.

It was a great fun - we hired out a meeting room for most of the day, where we posed for several individual headshots. Then we headed down to the auditorium for some group photos.

We wanted a range of photos to use across our website and social media pages, so we made sure we had enough time and booked a 3 hour window. Read on to see the many faces of Perfocal.

Type of shoot: Team & office
Location: Angel, London
Package: 3 hours (£279)
Add-ons: None

Stage one: Super-professional Perfocal

There was no need for a pop-up background in this case. We simply stood by a white wall, opposite a bright window to get some naturally-lit, standard professional headshots.

Stage two: Perfocal with the 'wow' factor

Next, we wanted something with a little more pizazz, that showed sides to our personality. These photos have got drama, and we love that. To achieve the look we used a concrete wall in the meeting room and got a team member to shine a light (with a blue filter) towards the backdrop. Such drama!

Stage three: Team Perfocal

For our final shots as a group, we moved downstairs to the event space to make use of the large multi-level area, which was perfect for a group photo.

We're over the moon with our fantastic headshots and team photos. All that was required to make these shots stand out was a little imagination and innovation, proving you don't need a studio to get top-of-the-line photography.

Are you thinking about booking a Perfocal photographer for your team photos and headshots? Great idea!

Any modern business needs to show off its best qualities with great photography. Whether it's your team of professionals or your stunning office space. Don't leave the important details down to your colleague's phone camera. You can hire a pro business photographer simply and affordably instead.

We guarantee quick and simple booking, an amazing professional photographer who will travel to you, and 48 hour photo delivery every time.

We do all this so you can have your business looking its best.

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Matilda Donnachie

Matilda Donnachie

Passionate photographer from London, but my heart is in Manchester!